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hello, precious lambs! ♡

welcome to baepsae***! established as baespae on november fifteenth, twenty-seventeen, baepsae is a blog that is a reiteration of a blog that was originally started back in december of 2010 and suffered from several long hiatuses and deaths.

what started as a beauty blog then became a food blog, a review blog, and a lifestyle blog is now a nicheless lifestyle that is the home of mochi’s long-winded thoughts and equally as boring adventures. there’s not really much to say on the blog since it’s such a conglomerate of different topics/categories and trying to explain it makes zero sense.

that said, feel free to read our disclaimer, and the blog credits to find out a little more about the blog and behind the scenes of the blog. alternatively, you could always email us as well.
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hosted by blogger.com, baepsae is a nicheless, sporadically updated blog designed, authored, and maintained by mochi. text and icon fonts used on this blog can be found on google fonts and we love icon fonts, respectively. cute pixel art on the sidebar for the credits was found on kawaii transparents. photos found on this blog are from unsplash unless stated otherwise.
baepsae —
hello! welcome to baepsae. ❤ baepsae is a personal blog ran by mochi and is focused on whatever the heck they want to. a nicheless, unfocused blog that touches on a little bit of everything, baepsae is sporadically updated despite being consistently backwritten with several posts.
hello everyone! ♡

some time ago, i created a post dedicated to podcasts that i listen to while at work and that helped me pass the day quicker. i’ll admit that i’m not the happiest with that post. while the podcasts i talk about were, predominantly, ones that i enjoyed and listened to, i didn’t write it in the best manner nor was i in a position to write my best. i was still in my rut and so most of the posts i ended up making prior to my “on changing majors, quitting a job, and finding joy again” post were ones that definitely were pumped out in a manner that wasn’t what i felt comfortable with.

that said, i wanted to come back to it with an updated, and a better thought out, list of podcasts that i’ve been really in to or getting in to as of late. normally, i would go into what the podcast is about; however, i want to allow people the chance to properly look into the podcasts—if they want to—and figure out if the official synopsis sounds like something they would be into. instead, i’m just going to be talking about the qualities of them that appeal the most to me and give an unnecessary and unimportant star rating to them.

before i jump into the list, i do want to say that there are content warnings for some of these podcasts and that will be indicated by a red asterisk (*).

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hello, everyone! ♡

i’m not going to lie and say i’m back because i, absolutely, am not 100% back nor will i ever be 100% back. i like this blog being sporadic and with the way things are going, i’m going to be jumping around in a lot of places and keeping baepsae sporadically updated is in my best interest. but i’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

how are you all doing? how has life been for you lot? have you been happy or content? i want to know more about you guys and what you’re going through. lately, i’ve been incredibly happy and content and it’s a bit frightening how wild and freeing it feels for me. since there is quite a lot of rambling to be done here, i recommend you grab a nice cup of whatever your favourite drink is before you join me in this post.

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